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Machon Meir is a Center for Jewish Learning, catering to young men (and those young-at-heart) who want to learn more about Judaism and Israel.

Machon Meir is a world leader in distributing Torah, with a broadcast network called Arutz Meir (e.g. Meir Channel)  on the internet, and on cable TV. With a variety of programming, and over 25,000 video and audio classes archived and available online, including new classes that are added daily, Jews around the world can enjoy the Torah of Eretz Yisrael on TV, websites in English, SpanishFrenchRussian, and Hebrew.

Arutz Meir is at the forefront in Torah education for children as well, with original shows written and recorded in our state of the art recording studio on campus. (Many popular episodes of the ‘Asi & Tuvia’ children’s program are now dubbed and available in English on this website.

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