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The internet broadcast channel of Machon Meir creates a unique connection between the basic values of Judaism and the world of children, providing a quality educational and fun experince for the whole family.
In Arutz Meir for children you will find a variety of programs each week. The main Characters are Tevia, Pulkey and Sammy. In every program they raise issues or tell a story in an experiential way, and throughout the plot deal with many educational aspects that come up during their conflicts.


The programs include a variety of topics that are part of a child’s world. The main message is delivered in an experiential, latent and non-strident way. The persistent and loveable characters, the pleasant and safe environment in which the story takes place, bring the child to a pleasant but challenging meeting and have positive influence on the child.
Besides the main show – ‘Sammi and Tevia’, we feature films for children of fascinating adaptations and story legends of Chazal and stories of Tzaddikim. So go ahead you are welcome to enter the Arutzl Meir and “grow up with love”.

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Our Teachers


Pulkey is a Turkey and a great scientist! Pulkey admits that there were some great scientists then him.

Asi Tzobel

Asi the wild child

Tuvia Rosenfeld

Tuvia is the responsible child